Went back to Snetterton for another track day today. Well, track morning, actually, because things got rained off after lunch. Got soaked on the way home. Tried out a new I-phone App that I bought, which uses the GPS and other functions to act as a poor-man’s data-logger and lap-timer. Seemed to work fine with the phone tucked away under the seat. Pretty cool! For the record, the lap-times it recorded were as follows:

Session 1

Didn’t time

Session 2

  • 2:38.79
  • 2:27.67
  • 2:31.21
  • 2:33.37

Session 3

  • 2:54.22
  • 2:41:66
  • 2:38.42
  • 2:28.44
  • 2:25.97

Session 4

  • 2:33.30

It was in ‘novice’ group. There was a fair bit of slower traffic to navigate.

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