I have had a blog on this URL since early 2001, posting less or more as time and inclination permitted. It went on hiatus in 2010 when Blogger stopped supporting FTP and I couldn’t update it anymore. In September 2010, I installed WordPress so that I would at least have the option again should I want to produce a longer post to link from Twitter, or whatever.

Historically, topics of interest have included web stuff, motorcycling, running training, music, contemporary dance, current events and, since my working life is in the legal field, the law (although not about my employer or the specifics of my job). However, the arrival of my first born last year brought a lot of changes to a lot of that stuff. So we’ll have to see how things develop in this new incarnation with regard to what I have to talk about, and how much time I have to talk about it.

18 September 2010

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